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Mmm...hello everyone. Kurugaya is my name.

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Mmm...hello everyone. Kurugaya is my name.

Post by Yuiko Kurugaya on Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:57 pm

Character Name: Yuiko Kurugaya
Nickname/Human Name: Prefers for people to call her Kurugaya
Show from: The anime Little Busters!

Personality Traits: Kurugaya is a big sister like figure to everyone she meets, regardless of age.  She has little regard for things that would normally annoy/anger those around her, instead she prefers to stay calm and collected.  As a result, she sometimes manages to intimidate those around her.  Still, she is a loyal and true friend.
Physical Traits: A tall girl, Kurugaya has long and straight black hair, with a lock of her hair held back by a long yellow ribbon.  She wears a black blazer with red trim over a white button up shirt.  She keeps the top of her shirt unbuttoned due to the fact that she has a large chest.  She also wears a grey plaid and pleated skirt that reaches to above mid thigh; her socks are black and reach up towards her mid thigh.  Her eyes are a blue-purple in color.
Likes and Dislikes: She like cute things and playing the piano.  She does not really dislike much.
Weapon of choice: Katana
Orientation: Bisexual (Please note that this is just MY interpretation of Kurugaya, and is not exactly canon....not that anything to this extent is ever really mentioned.)

Role Play Sample: Brushing a lock of her black hair out of her eyes, Kurugaya smoothes down her skirt as she sits down at her piano.  She closes her blue-purple eyes, focusing her attention on herself and what she should play.  Song titles flash through her mind like lightning, before one slips into her head.  "Boys Be Smile".  "Yes.  Yes, that will do," she says quietly, opening her eyes and letting her gaze drift out of the window and onto the setting sun.  Rays of red and purple light filter in through her open window, mixed with evening bird calls.
Turning her attention back to her piano, Kurugaya hovers her fingers briefly over the ivory keys as she remembers the starting fingering to the song.  Nodding slightly to herself, she delicately places her fingers down, starting the song.  The music floats from her room and through the open window, filling the school grounds with music.  Those still awake stop to listen before moving on their way.  "What a nice way to end a day," she thinks.  "Back in school, alive, with a miracle having happened.  How nice,"

About Character's Admin: Same as Eve's admin, all the information is there.
Yuiko Kurugaya
Yuiko Kurugaya
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