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Basic Role Playing Information

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Basic Role Playing Information

Post by Eveline Bonnefoy on Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:58 pm

There are some things about role playing that should be laid out up front for all to read, especially if you are new to the entire thing called role playing.  First, let me say that there are many ways to role play, and everyone has their own way or replying, and the way to reply is up to you. I prefer to reply in a story-esque manner. However, if you have some other way that works for you, then I encourage you to go ahead and use it.

Now, for title labeling help.  I know that I haven't really addressed this elsewhere, so I will talk about it here.  When thinking of a title for a topic, try to make it so that other members of the site become intrigued about the content.  However, that is only one part of things, with the other part being the label.  Now, what do I mean by label?  Well, I mean anything that identifies who can post in a certain thread or any warnings that might need to be included.  This could be something like the following- (Open RP), (Closed RP, -Characters involved here-), (Trigger warning, -Type of possible triggers here-).

The length of the first post is also very important.  Generally, the longer the better, but if you have a long intro post that just rambles on...well, that's not good writing.  A good introduction post includes plenty of information on what can be expected in the following rp, including plot direction, available characters, etc.
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