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Bonjour mes amis, je m'appelle Eveline!

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Bonjour mes amis, je m'appelle Eveline!

Post by Eveline Bonnefoy on Mon Jan 12, 2015 11:25 pm

Character Name: The Republic of France (2P!Nyo!France)
Nickname/Human Name: Eveline Bonnefoy, Eve to her close friends
Show from: The anime Hetalia

Personality Traits: Despite her appearance, Eveline is a strong willed woman, having been through much in her long life.  She hold a deep-seated pride in her country and culture, often using French words in her speech.  Because of this, she can often come off as prideful to those who do not know her.  However, when you look through this exterior, you can find a sweet, loving, and caring person.
Physical Traits/Appearance: Her hair is blonde with three purple flowers found by her bun, and her eyes are a light purple.  She wears something like a purple and tan bodice with a dark ribbon at the top and what appears to be a set of similarly-colored buttons going down the front; it leaves her cleavage somewhat exposed. The tan-colored sides appear pleated and connect to the frilled, puffy, double layered sleeves. She appears to have a black collar and necklace on. Her skirt is black, and she wears black leggings underneath, and her cape is red with a white fleur-de-lis found in each lower corner. Her boots are completely black.
Likes and Dislikes: She adores attention, both giving it and receiving it.  She also loves good food, but she has mixed feelings on Alice's cooking.  She has a dislike of death and killing, even though she has seen, and had a hand in, a fair amount of it.
Weapon of choice: Knives and daggers
Pet: A little white bird
Age: Somewhere around 1,172 years old

Role Play Sample: Leaning against a brick wall, a well kept young lady gently fans herself in the oppressive heat of mid day, a cream colored fan moving swiftly in her pale hands.  She pauses for a moment, using one hand to push back an escaping strand of blond hair.  "The heat today is impressive," she mutters, nodding politely to several passers by, "I wonder what is taking her so long?"  The French woman shakes her head, shifting her footing before turning around to walk into the nearby park.  "She does have her parents to escape,"
At the thought of her absent companion's parents, the young lady fans herself a bit more quickly, hoping that the blush rising in her cheeks would be mistaken for a flush because of the heat.  Eve was still getting used to the idea that she could love another woman, an idea that still went against society's norms.  Fortunately, Eve's parents supported their daughter, "For that I am grateful" she thinks.  In a swift movement, she smooths her black skirt and takes a seat on a bench underneath a thick leafed tree.  "Unfortunately, Alice isn't as lucky..."
Eve closes her eyes for a moment, leaning backwards in her seat, and thinks of her love.  The poor dear had to deal with tight fisted, cruel parents; every time they met could just be their last.
"Hey there darling," a soft voice whispers in her ear.  "I'm here,"

About Character's Admin: Hello, hello!!  I am your founder and head admin, but please don't let that scare you.  I'm a very friendly lady, always willing to chat and role play, either in a thread or impromptu-like in the cb.  As of now I am a college student, so there may be periods of time when I may 'vanish'.  However, do not fear, for I will always return.  I also have a deviantArt account where I go by the name PanthraDion. You can always message me there, but if you do, please identify yourself so I know who you are.

I am a big anime fan, with my first anime love being Hetalia, however I am also a very big fan of Attack on Titan, Little Busters!, Alice in the Kingdom of Hearts, and Black Butler.  But don't think that anime is my only love, for I should say that my first, and possibly as big, love is for anything Jim Henson. I am also a very big fan of the Vocaloids. Well, that's it for now, I'll add stuff as I think of it.  Oh, and welcome to the forum new members!!
Eveline Bonnefoy
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