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How to become/what to do as an Administrator, Moderator, or an Editor

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How to become/what to do as an Administrator, Moderator, or an Editor

Post by Eveline Bonnefoy on Mon Jan 12, 2015 8:20 pm

Being an Administrator, Moderator, or an Editor isn't just a 'waltz in the moonlight' as some may say.  There are things you must do, and continue to do, if you fall into either category.

FOR All:

  • You must be an active member of this site.  If you are not you run the risk of being removed from you position as either an Admin, Mod, or Editor.
  • You need to be able to help the newbies.  If they ask questions you should be able to answer them.
  • Please respect all the members of this forum.  Everyone has different tastes and different ways that they role play, so do not discriminate just because they are different from you.
  • Be outgoing!  Be the first one to introduce yourself to a newbie and don't just hide in the forum and stay away from everyone.
  • If one of the regular members/Admins/Mods/Editors complains about you over abusing your powers your activities will be taken into consideration by the Admins/remaining Admins about whether to remove you from your status or not.


  • Please be able to keep the forum looking fresh.  This includes moving old and dead threads to the Archives section, keeping up on the Character List, and making sure that threads are posted where they should be.
  • You should know how to use the Administration Panel to edit some of the small details of the site.
  • When considering adding someone to either the Admin or Mod list, please consult the other Admins before making your choice final.
  • If you want to add someone as an Admin, Mod, or Editor please check with them first to make sure they are ok with the idea.
  • You cannot just delete the account of a regular member without consulting the other Admins first.


  • Please help keep the Admin's up-to-date and, if necessary, urge the Admin's to do certain actions they, the Mods, cannot do.


[*]Help the Admins keep threads up-to-date with member information.
[*]Help the Admins track the threads and move them to the Archives section when dead.
(Please note: There are two other threads, about Editors and Dead Threads, that I encourage you to check out.)

BECOMING AN ADMIN, MOD, OR EDITOR:  Please pm one of the Admins with a request to become either an Admin,Mod, or Editor and please tell us why you think you would be good in either category.  We will review your request and forum activities and decide accordingly before getting back to you on our decision.


Eveline Bonnefoy


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