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Hallo, Ik ben Nederland.

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Hallo, Ik ben Nederland.

Post by Abel Van den Berg on Fri Mar 27, 2015 12:20 pm

Character Name: The kingdom of the Netherlands
Nickname/Human: Abel Van den Berg, Neth for his friends and Spain monstly calls him Naranja. Not that he minds much.
Show from: The anime Hetalia

Personality Traits: Most of the time a neutral expression on his face but can be strict when money is involved. He likes bunnies and Tulips, (Though only Belgium and Luxembourg know and he will kill anyone who spreads it around.) He is not that comfortable with compliments because he doesn't receive many but he doesn't give many away, if he doesn't like that person. He is mostly portrayed as closed off and Blunt, not that it hinders him. He opens up to people the longer they know him and if they don't piss him off. Doesn't like Spain that much and sometimes openly shows it. Japan is alright to be around.
Physical Traits/Appearance: Tall, Green eyes, Blond spikey hair, A with-blue stripped scarf, quite muscular (Not very visible though) Can walk very fast (say most countries).
Likes and Dislikes: He does not like water, well he has a love-hate relationship with it. He is afraid of drowning. He likes windmills, smoking, painting, bunnies. He does like his family. He first disliked Spain but that is now a just a slight irritation sometimes. He does not like people who make a mess of his kitchen.
Weapon of choice:  A sword or a battle axe like Denmark.
Pet:  A Holland Hop called Nijn. (Miffy).
Age: Around 2.000 years or so.
RP time:
Abel sighed, looking at the darkening sky above his head. He hated rain with a passion, but it could not be helped with how his country was located on the globe. It had brought his fortune and misfortune but he just needed to dealt with it one way or another. He sighed again, watching the smoke from his pipe leave his lips and travel up in the air. He smoked, everyone said it was not healthy but he was still alive though so why should he stop? He was even immortal. He was brought out of his thoughts by a droplet of rain hitting his nose. He blinked and cursed once it had started to pour down like the heavens had split open in seconds. He quickly ran to find cover. When he finally found anything to take shelter under, he was soaked to the bone. He cursed again, hugging himself to keep warm. He watched the rain fall and sighed again, half in frustration and half because he just felt lonely.

Normally he would not show his emotions so open but he only did when he was near close friends, near family or just on this kind of rainy gloom days. No-one was there to see him like this anyways. He could be a jerk sometimes, well his sister said so or a bit blunt but that was just how he normally was, well not a jerk but he did it to shield his feelings or he would break sometime in the future if he didn’t shield them well enough. His scar was proof of that, he concluded. Because he had been to open at that time, not counting the circumstances back then, Spain had managed to get behind his defenses and permanently scar him. Not that he had experienced worse before but before he had considered Spain a close friend back then, not that he would ever admit that…He could not handle betrayal well. From either his own people or his family. Once he had opened up to some, he expected them not to betray him, but he didn’t doubt they would….But if that trust had been broken, he could not forget that easily but he would forgive them….eventually…

About Character's Admin:
Hi, My name is Leonie Very Happy
I am 18 years old and I role-play for a while now but always online. I RP Hetalia as The Netherlands, Russia and China. I don't really know If I play them full IC but I will try to do so as much as I am able to.

Abel Van den Berg
Abel Van den Berg

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