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Rules and Regulations: Please Read

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Rules and Regulations: Please Read

Post by Eveline Bonnefoy on Mon Jan 12, 2015 6:58 pm


TREAT ALL ROLEPLAYERS FAIRLY: Do not force or harass them to Roleplay anything they do not want to.
RESPECT CHARACTER PORTRAYAL: Some people will not view a character in the same way you do, so do not critique their way of Roleplaying the character, unless they ask.
NO GOD MODDING: Everyone should Roleplay in a way that's fun for everyone. So do not have your character be overpowered and take control of a situation. That's no fun.
NO ONE LINE REPLIES: You should make sure to put your complete effort in your replies.
ALWAYS TAG ROLEPLAY TOPICS THAT CONTAIN MATURE CONTENT, NO MATTER WHAT: This is to prevent triggers that some users may have, and keep everyone safe.
POST NEW TOPICS IN THE CORRECT SECTIONS: This is to keep things organized and to keep any triggers people may have in the appropriate sections.
DO NOT MAKE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS IF YOU CANNOT KEEP THEM ALL ACTIVE: This allows other members to claim characters, and allows you to focus on one character in particular.  There is no maximum number of accounts for this site.
POST IN THE 'ABSENCES' THREAD IF YOU WILL/MAY BE ABSENT: This is to ensure that you are not kicked from the site by accident.
REMAIN ACTIVE: If you are inactive for over four weeks without alerting us of possible absences, you will be kicked from the forum.
GRAMMAR: Please be grammatically correct.  I do know that English is not the first language for everyone here on the site, but please, do try your hardest.

WHEN USING THE CHAT BOX, PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE OF THE OTHER USERS: Not all users may be comfortable with all the chat in the cb.  If things get too romantic/violent/etc, you may be politely asked to move the rp to a thread.
ROLE PLAYING IN THE CB: Please use (()), (), {}, [], or the such for OOC talk, usually when RPing. You don't need to do this if there is no RPing going on in the CB.  You can use * or // to signify in-character actions; you can also use them when OOC.

USER NAMES: When joining please use the full human name of your character.  If you have any questions just pm me after joining.
PLEASE JOIN IN A PROMT FASHION: Please do not be that person who joins a RP forum then forgets about it and never finishes the introduction process, and by this process I mean choosing and claiming a character and creating a character introduction.  If this process is not completed within a week, your account will be deleted.
CHECK THE CHARACTER LIST: Before you claim a character, please check the character list to make sure no one else has taken that character.
CHOOSING A CHARACTER: You can choose and be any character that you so please, be it an anime character or a television show character or something else.
DO NOT START POSTING IF AN ADMIN HAS NOT ADDED YOU: Once you have applied in the character list for a character, please do start working on your character introduction.  However, do not start posting in RPG Central until one of the Admin's have added your character to the claimed character list.
TELL US IF YOU ARE TAKING ON ANOTHER CHARACTER: There is no problem with you taking on more than one character, but do make sure to mention who you are, i.e. which character you first joined as, so the admin's know that it's you.

These rules must be followed at all times on the forum, without fail. Failure to do so may result in a temporary ban, or even a permanent ban if the case is severe enough.
Eveline Bonnefoy
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